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Name dog Indiana Golden Eagle Valley   HD A norberwaarde 18
Breed Australian Shepherd   ED Normal - Free
Sex Bitch   MDR1 Normal
Colour Blue Merle and white   Eye's Clear 
Date of birth december 5th, 2004   Inheratable Cataract (DNA test) Normal
Breeder J. de Lange, Willemsoord      
Pedegree no. NHSB 2536471         
Tail Natural bob   Full dentition Scissor bite


IndiMother IndiLitter IndiIndi 4 monthsIndi 5 monthsIndi 6 monthsIndi in the snowIndi Kerst 2006Familie Indi 1 yearAgility Indi
Jumping IndiIndi catch! 

Indi is a very feminine Australian Shepherd. When she meets strangers, at first she’ll be very shy. But after she’s had the time to observe the newcomer, they will always be welcomed with kind barking and licking. Indi really loves to bark and she likes to run the whole day long with a ball in her mouth. She has an enormous energy and is very kind towards children. Together with her owner Mandy she’s in for any game you can imagine. Especially when the Frisbee appears, she’s unstoppable. During the agility, she sometimes had her own idea to take a break when she thinks she’d had enough. That’s her less attractive side, according to Mandy. Oh and yes, she has another strange habit: she likes sucking her cloth in her basket!



Mandy de Haan
Nijverheidsweg 9
4529 PP Eede
T 0117 49 42 65

Laatste update: 16-05-2017