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Name dog Rainyday's Lone Star Diva   HD A norberwaarde 38
Breed Australian Shepherd   ED Normal - Free
Sex Bitch   MDR1 Normal
Colour Black, tan and white   Eye's Clear till  16 aug. 2017
Date of birth september 7th, 2008   Inheratable Cataract (DNA test) Normal
Breeder Kathrin Philips- Ellis and Linda Philips   CEA/CH test (DNA test) Normal
Pedegree no. NHSB 2742423      prcd mutation PRA (DNA test) Normal
Tail Full tail (docked in USA)   Cobalamin Malabsorption (vitamine B12) Normal


Hello I am Diva
Hello I am DivaDiva 1 yearDiva 8 weeks My motherDaddy PerroPuppy mom KatePuppy mom LindaWith the vet Ronda in AmericaIn the plane to HollandWinter in Holland
Merry ChristmasCarnaval february 2009Ringtraining with JenifferGet ready for showPicture perfectIn the ring with JoyceGo Diva!Jump Diva 

Rainydays Lone Star Diva is our long cherished Aussie American Dream. This dream actually became reality sooner than expected. After a long search on the Internet and the help of a few people we decided in August 2008, during a business trip to Houston, to travel to Lubbock (which was 10 hours of driving) to meet the breeders of the Rainydays Aussies. We were welcomed by 16 Australian Shepherds, who made us feel welcome with a loud Aussie style welcome.
For hours we talked with Kate and Linda about anything that had to do with Aussies. Of course we were allowed to have a look in the delivery room. There we saw 5 black tri puppies just 1 day old, together with mum Patsy. We also had a chance to cuddle and play with the proud dad Perro. After a wonderful dinner in the steakhouse and a well deserved sleep we returned to
Houston where hurricane Ike waited for us. After a lot of storms and rain we finally could return home.
A few weeks later we received an email from
America with a question in it - would we like to have a small black tri bitch join us in the Netherlands? Ten weeks later, we’re on the plane again. This time we landed in Dallas. Now it’s only six hours to drive to Lubbock. This is where our USA puppy waited for us to join us to The Netherlands.
Diva was to be a present for our daughter Joyce. With tears of joy the foreign dog was welcomed by Joyce. Since then the two of them are inseparable.
And Diva is quite a race monster! Always moving and always in for a game. She’s also inquisitive and fast. Together with Joyce she goes to obedience and agility training. They like the latter the most. Once in a while they appear together in the show ring and sometime they win a prize.



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