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Name dog Titia Moos van de Wouden   HD too young
Breed Newfoundlander   ED too young
Sex Bitch   Hart test unknown
Colour Black      
Date of birth november 30th, 2010      
Breeder J.A.M van Diepen      
Pedegree no. NHSB 2819984         


Moos 10 days old
Moos 10 days oldSleeping beautyMother PimpelAll brothers and sistersMoos 10 weeks oldCarnaval 2011 - 2 1/2 month oldWater!!!Getting dirty on the beachMoos one yearFrisbee is mine
Happy Moos ?Turbo Moos in the snowMoos in the snow 

 Moos is a black Newfoundland bitch and was born on the 30th of November 2010 in the village of Westwoud. She has two brothers and three sisters. We began 2011 with a new black cuddle bear! And she isn’t just a normal cuddle bear. She likes doing crazy things and becoming dirty. She also likes water, mud, running and sleeping outside. She’s a very new experience to all of us. A Newfy is nothing like an Aussie! But the more kilos, the more love we receive from her. Learning to listen and to do tricks, we still need some kilos of patience, but we won’t give up. Although Moos is very happy in the pack of Aussies, the Aussies themselves have a few objections against this big black colossus. Her way of playing and acting crazy is not really their thing. Washing the eyes and ears, that’s what they like: it’s amazing what this big tongue can reach!



Mandy de Haan
Nijverheidsweg 9
4529 PP Eede
T 0117 49 42 65

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