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In our backyard at Down Under Dogs we have two horses, Olaf and Sunny. They also give us beautiful adventures and experiences. Kelsey, our youngest daughter, very often participates in a competition and goes together with Olaf on a camp. Together they practice horse breaking and jumping. Our “horse friend” Diana rides Olaf a lot. In the last few months we’ve taught Sunny to walk in front of the carriage, under the leadership of Johan van Rie. It’s great to see how fast she learns and how she enjoys her own powers. Underneath you can see the pictures which speak for themselves.
What an amazing experience! Our own Sunny in front of our own carriage! On Sunday the 23rd of October we made our first real journey. The weather was great and we enjoyed everything. Last Saturday we made a tour again. This time without any accompaniment and together with the dogs.

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Our first hors Olaf
Our first hors OlafOlafSunnySunny and OlafOlaf and Kelsey on the beachGone with the windSunny and JoyceRiding togetherSunny learning This is strange
Yes this is greatIt is a long way.....Running SunnyRunny OlafBeautiful picture 



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