Welcome to the website of Down Under Dogs. On this site you can read about our dogs, our other pets and our adventures together. Our family of four lives in the little village of Eede (Zeeuws Vlaanderen, The Netherlands) just next to the border with Belgium. After we had to say goodbye to our old pets Bob and Bundy, Dempsey, a Bernese Mountain Dog, came to live with us in 2004. She was the big teddy of our family. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to her at an early age. Shortly afterwards the Aussies Indi and Starsky came live with us and contaminated us with the “Aussie virus”. Because of these two Aussies I wanted to know more about the breed and everything to do with it. Because we are  members of the Australian Shepherd Club Nederland, we receive the Aussie Post four times a year; this is the club magazine. In the magazine you can read lots of stories from people telling you about their experiences with their aussie(s) and about the activities organized by the association itself.
After a while I volunteered to become a member of the club committee and very soon I became treasurer. This gives me the opportunity to learn a lot about the Australian Shepherd in The Netherlands and at the same time I can support the club by taking care of the accounts and all the financial business.

Indi and Starsky are the proud parents to five puppies that are five years old now. Three years ago, a cute aussie came live with us. She was born in the USA, Texas. She was the birthday present for our daughter Joyce. It’s great to have another Aussie friend in the hous!
After the loss of our big cuddly bear Dempsey, we wanted to fill the empty spot with a new four legged friend. After a big and intensive search our Newfy Moos brought back the cuddle factor to the home of Down Under Dogs


Adjacent to our house we have our own companies; DEHA engineering and J&M tuindecoratie (gardening decoration). We are so very proud of this!
If you’d like to take a look at our innovative company, check out our website www.dehaengineering.nl
If you’d like to de some gardening shopping, feel free to explore the website www.jmtuindecoratie.nl
Please wander around on our website and meet our dogs and other pets. Enjoy!




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