Indi x Starsky

Underneath I will tell you how we experienced the birth of our puppies and life afterwards.
If you click on their names above, you can read how our pups are doing now.

On Tuesday morning the 8th of May 2007 our first litter was born. At 4.05AM the first little pup was born. Love you Sue is her name. 20 minutes later No  worries Mate came to say hello to us all. After that, we had to wait a little while, but we didn’t mind, because an hour later we could hug Walk about Wally. And then a big surprise: we were still busy with Wally and all of a sudden, without us noticing, Spill drop Donk was already born. We were really a bit shocked.
And just when we thought: “This is it!” a pretty puppy lady came along: Didgeridoo Duffy is her name. My, oh my, we’re so happy with our five cuties. So happy? No: extremely enchanted! Everybody is healthy and happy. Mum Indy and owner Mandy had to catch their breath again, but looking at the cute puppies, we got really delighted.

I’d like to explain a little how we got the names of the puppies. We really wanted to keep it “Australian” (although aussies aren’t really from Australia, but from America…), so we chose a movie situated in Australia: Crocodile Dundee, with Paul Hogan in the leading part as Mick Dundee. Every puppy name is a sentence or location from the film, together with a character from the movie.

During the First three weeks of the puppies lives the main activities were drinking, pooing, peeing and sleeping. Very easy.
But as soon as their eyes went open, the whelping box was too small. Slowly, the pups raised on their wobbly paws to explore the whole wide world. From the puppy bench towards the tub with balls. From there onwards to the garden, from the garden into the car, from the car towards the eye doctor and I could go on for hours. Everything was discovered: people, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea-pigs, a bull, a pond, the street, cars, bikes, the vacuum cleaner, too many things to mention. Of course we tried to make as many pictures and movies as we could, because this was an experience never to be forgotten. For 8 weeks we enjoyed every single second of those five little Aussie monsters.

Wight of the puppy's:

In the meantime all of the puppy's are now living with their bosses. The goodbye is really heavy. On Friday the 29th of June two pups went home and one day later, during the champions club match at the ASCN we said goodbye to two other pups. We had a little lunch woth the new bosses and we went through all the paper work and other things. Just one more picture for our big photobook and then waving until the car was completely out of our sight.

Pedirgee puppy's:

        7 Lotus
          LOF1 103/32
    3 Puzzle Red Thunder Des Yeux de Crystal    
        8 Naikane Red Hale Bopp
      LOF1 890/253    
          LOF1 224/79
1 Simply Starsky of Clan Miphydes        
        9 Frieko's Red Indian Summer
  NHSB Bijl. G-1-2558161        
  Bitmap 4 Horsemans's Phrenitic Phyrne   Niet geverifieerd ASCA E757768
    Bijl: G-0-2169042 10 Farmhouse Linda
        Niet geverifieerd ASCA E72098
      11 Mistrettas Painted Lizard
        AKC DL468749/03
  5 Gearharts American Express    
    Imp.(AMER) AKC DN006994/02    
2 Indiana Golden Eagle Valley   HD A 12 Gearharts Grand Truffle
      NHSB 2455390   AKC DL816857/04
   NHSB 2455390        
        13 Some Kind of Magic's Yustahsome
      Kamp.   ALSH 57758
    6 Dutch Lakota Crystal Eagle   NL.Ch.
      HD A    
      N.H.S.B. Bijl. G-2-2380655 14 Wyndanwood Indian Spirit
          N.H.S.B. Bijl.G-1-2180192       
          HD TC




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